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Damp or Mildew Problems?

Damp and musty smells caused by mould spores can lead to mildew causing respiratory problems.  Mildew can be a serious problem unless treated promptly.  Removal of CWI can often rectify this.


Leaking or wet insulation material?

Wet insulation material can be a direct cause of damp in your property.  Leaking insulation material is often a sign that the CWI was installed badly or wrongly.



Condensation causes black mould on soft furnishings, such as curtains etc. It can also damage decorations, timber and plasterwork.


Peeling Wallpaper or Blistering Bubbling Plaster?

Blistering or bubbling plaster is often due to cold spots within poorly installed CWI.  Peeling wallpaper is often a sign of damp.  Removing badly or wrongly installed CWI can rectify both of these issues.


Damp Fungal Growth?

Fungal growth caused by damp due to wrongly or poorly installed CWI can be rectified by removal of the insulation material.


We remove incorrectly/badly installed cavity wall insulation and make good your walls

If you are interested in getting our help to remove cavity wall insulation then please contact us to arrange a survey and quote for your property.

Owned and operated by a qualified surveyor and member of the Cavity Clearance Association, you can be confident that not only will the works be carried out to the highest standard, but we understand buildings and the problems associated with cavity wall insulation failure.


How Can We Help?

  • General cavity wall insulation clearance, removal or extraction.
  • Removal of damp cavity wall insulation.
  • Removal of failed cavity wall insulation.
  • Insurance peril damage to cavity wall insulation.
  • Failed damp course.
  • Debris or sand in cavity.
  • Removal of white wool insulation.
  • Removal of expanded polystyrene bead insulation.
  • Removal of urea formaldehyde foam insulation.
  • Removal of BASF Walltite.


Clearing failed or damaged cavity wall insulation is becoming increasingly common due to many factors, Dampness associated with failed insulation measures can affect occupants’ health as well as cause progressing damage to the property it is installed within. Many unsuitable properties were incorrectly identified as suitable and had insulation installed when it should not have been, our climate is changing and becoming wetter. These are just some of factors that are contributory to the increased incidence of cavity wall insulation failure that we are witnessing in the UK.

How Can We Help?

  • Removal of isothane cavity wall insulation.
  • Removal of polyurethane foam cavity wall insulation.
  • Removal of Rockwool cavity wall insulation.
  • Removal of blown mineral fibre cavity wall insulation.
  • Removal of Knauf blown mineral fibre cavity wall insulation.
  • Help with flood/fire/smoke/impact damaged cavity wall insulation.
  • Dealing with cavity wall insulation in connection with subsidence repairs.
  • We can assist private property owners, housing associations, local authorities, property managers, estate agents, facilities management companies.

Please see our frequently asked questions page

For full details of the CWI extraction process and how we can help you, please see our FAQ pages.  If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to give us a call.


We are a proud member of the Cavity Clearance Association.

The first and only association to work towards ensuring best practice in the extraction industry.

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